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Wedding Cake Topper Guide: 3 Most Popular Wedding Themes

Wedding Cake Topper Guide: 3 Most Popular Wedding Themes

Wedding Cake Topper Guide | Oh Craft

New Zealand is teeming with picturesque venues, talented photographers, expert bakers, and reliable vendors making it a perfect location for a beautiful wedding. One thing that can be overlooked, though, is the need for a wedding cake topper.

A good wedding cake topper can be the neat little bow that ties your beautiful cake centerpiece to your whole wedding's theme together and puts the cherry on top of your New Zealand wedding experience.

To help you decide which cake topper to choose, we've put together a wedding cake topper guide for three of the most popular wedding themes: Rustic, Modern and Traditional.

For Rustic Weddings

Rustic Wedding Themes NZ

Rustic-themed weddings are relaxed, natural, and full of local, homespun touches, and it's considered the number one go-to wedding theme for most couples. Why? Simple — everybody loves a good rustic wedding.

However, rustic weddings, or the rustic theme itself, aims to bring natural elements front and center, such as wood and greenery. This can be easily achieved with table decor and venue design, but bringing wooden accents to a wedding cake may be a challenge to most cake bakers or even couples who dreamt of a pristine and polished wedding cake.

As such, Oh Craft! designed wooden cake toppers to bring your beautiful cake closer to the rustic theme you've been looking for.

Rustic Theme Wedding Cake Topper | Oh Craft

For rustic weddings, we suggest the Initials with Wreath Wooden Wedding Cake Topper, which is a beautiful topper with your initials and date in the embrace of a finely-cut acrylic wreath. The Rattan Arch Wedding Wooden Cake Topper is also a thing of beauty that encapsulates the heart of what a rustic wedding aims to be. The Initials Wedding Wooden Cake Topper is a simpler yet elegant wooden cake topper. These cake toppers are available in different wood colors, so you get to pick the ones that fit your theme the best.

For Modern Weddings

Modern Minimal Wedding Theme NZ

Modern weddings are one of the most popular wedding themes of the decade. For the most part, these weddings still hold the core values of a wedding, just with a fresher, more fashion-forward approach.

This wedding style is high on style, whether it's minimalist or avant-garde. Modern weddings are often monochrome, stylish, and polished, with on-trend florals or foliage, geometric lines, and pared-down décor.

For these weddings, finding a cake topper can be quite a task. Why wouldn't it be? Every piece of decor for the event has been carefully picked to fit the theme, and the cake topper cannot be the only exception. Luckily, Oh Craft! has created cake toppers that perfectly fit the modern wedding aesthetic you're looking for.

Modern Minimalist Wedding Cake Topper | Oh Craft

One of the most recommended cake toppers on the Oh Craft! collection is the Arch Initials Wedding Cake Topper. The acrylic matte finish and sleek serif typeface complete the overall minimalist look of these cake toppers, making them ideal for minimalist weddings. It has an arch pattern that is outlined with a layer of acrylic, giving it a one-of-a-kind look. The Script Wedding Wooden Cake Topper is also a beautiful piece, with its stylish script typeface making it perfect for a modern take on the minimalist theme.

For Traditional Weddings

Traditional Wedding Theme NZ

While most weddings nowadays tend to have their unique theme, the traditional wedding theme still holds a candle among the choices for your special day. After all, you can never go wrong with the classics.

A traditional wedding is typically more formal, with stunning green and white florals, refined color choices, plenty of clean lines, and sophisticated elegance. These are reflected in the decor and your delicious cake; therefore, your cake topper should not be the exception.

Traditional Wedding Cake Topper | Oh Craft

Check out the Classic Wedding Acrylic Cake Topper. Its precision-cut flowing script features your names in either gloss or mirror acrylic finish. For a fancier option, the Fancy Wedding Acrylic Cake Topper features more frills and more elegance but carries the same traditional dignity that comes with classic, traditional weddings. These toppers are also available in gloss or mirror acrylic finishes, and both traditional wedding cake toppers are available in a multitude of colors to make them the perfect fit for your magical day.

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