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Ordering for Christmas? See our cut-off dates here.
Ordering for Christmas? See our cut-off dates here.

Hi, we are Oh Craft 👋

A husband-and-wife team based on the beautiful North Shore in Auckland, with a passion for arts and design. We began with a fun experiment of transferring printed text onto a coffee mug by soaking it in water and sliding it onto the mug. It turned out to be a success! While the initial result wasn't the best, it sparked the idea that with the right tools and materials, we could develop this into a side hustle.

Since then, we have delved into more craft products and ideas, acquired a cutting machine and a heat press, and started working our way through. After over 4 years and many sleepless nights, we have transformed this from an evening side hustle into a full-time business, offering a wider range of products and more machines to tinker with.


Joni serves as the team's chief crafter, taking on the responsibilities of product design, creation, and customer engagement. With a background in IT, she has a notable expertise in graphic design and web development. Her love for art and design has been instrumental in establishing the foundation of our aspirational career, now recognised as Oh Craft.

When not busy crafting, Joni spends time curating beauty products for our second business. During her free time, she loves bonding with the family, loves playing ukulele and makes the best lunches and dinners for Kelvin and their kids!


Kelvin oversees the operations of Oh Craft, ensuring that all machines are running smoothly and all systems are operational. He has a background in engineering and web design, and is currently spearheading the development and upkeep of all online stores and properties for Oh Craft Limited.

Kelvin's daily responsibilities encompass operating our laser cutting/engraving machine, designing products, and sourcing premium crafting materials from local and international suppliers.

Kelvin enjoys spending time with family and occasional games of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Rachet & Clank and good-ole Red Alert 3.

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