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About Us

Hi, we are Oh Craft!

A husband-and-wife team based in beautiful North Shore, Auckland and with passion in arts and design. We started with just a fun experiment of transferring a printed text to a coffee mug by simply soaking it in water then sliding it on to the mug. It was a success, although the result wasn’t the best but it gave us an idea that we could turn this to a proper business.

Since then, we explored more craft products and ideas, grabbed a cutting machine and a heat press and away we go. After more than 3 years and many sleepless nights, we found ourselves doing this business full time with a lot more product offering and a lot more machines to tinker with.


Joni has a background in graphic design and IT and the chief crafter in the team! Even in her high school days, Joni was so in to arts and crafts…

Joni is the face of Oh Craft! and engages with customers and partners most of the time. She’s the chief crafter and designer


Kelvin looks after the back-end of Oh Craft, making sure all machines are chugging along and all systems are online. He has a background in engineering and website design and is currently leading the development and maintenance of all Oh Craft online stores and properties.

Kelvin’s day-to-day tasks includes operating our laser cutting/engraving machine, designing products and hunting for the best crafting materials from both local and overseas suppliers.

Kelvin enjoys spending time with his family and occasional game of Monster Hunter: Rise and Red Alert 3.