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Spice Up a Party with Three Simple Tips and Tricks

Parties are one of life’s merriest moments. They bring life to an otherwise boring day, and are a sure-fire way to reconnect once more with your friends and loved ones.

With that said, there are many ways to get your party started, as a familiar song would quote it.

Personalise Your Party

There are tons of ideas to make your party livelier but probably one of the bests is to personalise it on your own. We’re not just talking about program flow, but the decorations themselves. Nothing beats something that is unique and shying away from the usual “rent-a-party” schemes and the best way to make your party livelier and more personal than usual.

There are a lot of ways to get personalised party supplies. You can either do it yourself if you have the right tools and materials, or get it done by professionals like our team at Oh Craft! who caters all sorts of party decoration ideas from cake toppers to gift tags and even party signages to balloon decals.

Each of our personalised party decors are handcrafted and professionally designed so you’ll be sure that the quality and service is top-notch.

Personalised Acrylic Cake Topper - Oh Craft! NZ

Have a Cake, then Make it Look Fabulous

When hosting a party, having a cake as one of the centrepiece food items is one of the ways to step it up. Everybody knows that cakes are great addition to the party. With cakes, you can keep people happy much longer than usual since cakes can lift a person’s spirits in general. Just make sure that you bring in a cake that’s not too sweet, so as not to make people lose appetite only after a few bites.

Additionally, you can decorate your cake with personalised cake toppers such as the ballerina cake topper if you’re hosting a party that’s catered to celebrate your daughter’s first ballerina debut. Here at Oh Craft!, we’ve got huge collection of personalised cake toppers featuring several designs to match your party’s theme, as well as material types such as cardstock cake toppers, acrylic cake toppers and even wooden cake toppers.

Those looking for wedding cake toppers will surely be able to find something from our Cake Toppers collection as well.

Loot Bags Make the Celebration Even Better

Lastly, many people enjoy and remember parties more if there were loot bags! It definitely feels good to fill up your tummy with good food and go home with goodies from the party.

Step up the game by not just adding nice bits and toys in it, but also by going for personalised loot bags that matches your party’s theme perfectly. It doesn’t just makes the goodie bag look nicer but also complements and completes your whole party decoration.

Baby Shark Cake Topper - Oh Craft! NZ

Decorations are the Key

Decorations mostly have something to do with how a party would go. The colour choices that you would make in blowing out a party will impact the mood of your guests and your party in general. Stick to light-coloured themes when you want your guests to feel light and go for dark-coloured themes if you’re going for more elegant or formal themes.

Also as mentioned above, personalise your decorations to the best that you can. Here at Oh Craft!, we specialise in bringing party decoration ideas to life by focusing on finer details and making sure you are having fun all through out the process.

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