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Ultimate Cake Topper Guide: 3 Key Things to Remember

Ultimate Cake Topper Guide: 3 Key Things to Remember

Personalised cake topper has become an essential part of cake decorating since it takes the cake’s overall appearance to another level. It serves as a finishing look on celebration cakes and comes handy in adding detail to a rather simpler cake design.

Choosing the right cake topper however can be a daunting task. With a lot of available design options and materials to choose from, one might think that selecting the perfect custom cake topper is a critical part of event planning. In this guide we aim to help you choose the right cake topper by breaking it down into three parts: size, material and design.

1. Selecting the right cake topper size

It’s important to note that the right cake topper size depends on the size of the cake you will use it for. The rule of thumb is to get a cake topper size that’s exactly similar to your cake size. If the cake is a multi-tiered cake, base your cake topper size on the topmost layer of it.

Cake Topper Size Guide - Oh Craft! NZ

Apart from the above-mentioned key points, it is also important to consider the design of the cake topper when thinking of the size. If the cake topper design ended up being too tall (for example it has more than 3 layers of text due to longer name or required longer text), the cake topper should be 1 to 2 inch (approx. 2.5cm to 5cm) narrower than the cake itself.

2. Cardstock vs Acrylic vs Wooden Cake Toppers

 Unicorn Cake Topper

Cardstock Cake Toppers

This is arguably the most flexible type of cake topper since cardstock cake toppers can come in almost any design you can think of. At Oh Craft, we add multiple cardstock layers on cake toppers to add extra depth in design, with combination of different finishes such as glitter, metallic and textured matte.

Cardstock cake toppers are best for kids’ birthday cake toppers that are colourful, fun and require lots of details.

Acrylic Cake Toppers

Acrylic is a lightweight glass-like casted plastic which is very versatile and comes in variety of colours and finishes and is a perfect material for making cake toppers. Acrylic cake toppers are great choice to any occasions may it be weddings, adult parties and even children’s parties.

Even though the designs are not as flexible as cardstock cake toppers, they can be layered as well to achieve a fun or colourful design. Apart from it being high in quality, acrylic cake toppers can also give that sleek, sophisticated and/or clean look to any celebration cakes.

Wooden Cake Toppers

Wooden cake toppers are similar to acrylic, but with a different feel and texture mainly because of the use of different wood materials instead of casted acrylic. Here at Oh Craft, we use high quality birch plywood and bamboo sheets in natural and carbonised variants.

Wooden cake toppers are best suited for weddings most especially on rustic themes. They are perfect for simple garden weddings, or minimal kids’ parties. It adds a very natural element to a cake and is very easy to pair with the most simple or rustic cake designs.

3. Choose the design fit for the cake itself 

Choosing the design for cake toppers is the best part because of the sheer options you can choose from to achieve your ultimate dream cake.

Here are some tips on choosing the right design of your cake topper

  •  Cakes with tons of details already incorporated on it doesn’t always need a very detailed cake topper. A simple yet very classy acrylic or wooden cake topper may best fit this cake.
  • Colourful cake toppers may complement the colourful cake that you may have, however, make sure that both colours are well blended together!
  • Try keep your cake topper texts as short as possible. 3-4 words is enough. The longer the text, the more unreadable and unstable your cake topper will be.

There are tons of personalised cake toppers out there, and your cake topper can be truly unique and just how you wanted it. Always make sure you portray this to your crafter or maker.

 When purchasing a cake topper from Oh Craft, it is very crucial that we get your preferred texts, theme, colour preference and even a photo or a sketch of how you want your cake topper to look like. This will help us ensure that the design we will create for you will match your ideal cake topper.

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